End of Summer Jewelry Wrap-up

Beaches, sunshine, vacations, relaxing by the pool—there is a lot to love about summer… Just not if you are trying to sell jewelry. I was born and raised in sunny California, and as much as I love summer, the holiday season is the big bump we jewelers and designers look forward to all year.

September is when things start to happen in every level of the industry, and it usually happens fast from the very top. Prices of raw materials like Gold and Silver tend to fluctuate most towards the tail end of the year. Many manufacturers slow or even stop operations during summer months, but then dramatically ramp up production in the fall. It is also common to see manufacturers sit on new designs for the whole year and start pushing them out just in time for the peak season.

At the other end of the line, demand for jewelry is growing as well. Jewelry stores and retailers start to increase their inventory for the holidays as shoppers start rushing in. Many end users only purchase jewelry during the holidays. Others who buy jewelry for every season, often save their big ticket purchases for this time of year. To top it off, the online jewelry industry has also continued its streak of year over year growth heading into the most important sales period of the year.

Still miss summer?

September is the most exciting month of the year if you are making and selling jewelry but you need to stock up and be ready. Every year we spend most of the month trying to get our hands on as many components for hot trends as possible in addition to restocking our regular best selling products.We also use this time to try adding new, untested merchandise to our inventory while it has the best chance to catch on. We hope your orders start coming in fast and heavy!

This week I am in Hong Kong for the Gem and Jewellery Fair and I will be sharing some of the most interesting finds with you on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. We will be bringing back as much of the action as we can!

September Hong Kong Gem and Jewellery Fair
September Hong Kong Gem and Jewellery Fair
15mm Perfect Round White South Sea Pearls. At ~$7,000/strand, this is like a $35,000 bouquet!
15mm Perfect Round White South Sea Pearls. At ~$7,000/strand, this is like a $35,000 bouquet!
Bella Findings
The crew from Bella Findings and Gempacked

-Cyrus Nemani, Gempacked





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